Have you ever wanted to hit the ctrl-alt-dlt button on your life?  Would you like to reboot your career, finances, relationship(s), body or health?  Do you wonder what would be possible if you had more joy and ease in your life?

What ever you want to create, Access Bars can help.

When what shows up in your life is not something you actually want, it can feel difficult to change.  You feel stuck.

It’s possible to unlock the energy around the limitations in your life.  By definition, energy is mutable and changeable.  When the energy around what’s limiting you is lifted, you become open to new possibilities and change can occur with ease. You can become unstuck.

Access Bars can facilitate change in all areas of your life by helping you function from a more conscious point of view. If you’re ready to see what else is possible for you, I invite you to schedule an AccessBars session.

The Bars are a hands-on process that involves light touch upon the head of thirty-two contact points that correspond to different aspects of one’s life.

These points are called Bars because they run from one side of your head to the other.

Participants are fully clothed during the session.  At a minimum, you’ll feel as relaxed as you do after a great massage.  Best case scenario, your life can completely change.

Together we can destroy and uncreate the limiting energy in your life.  Are you ready for something different?

In office

(Hyannis, Ma)

90 minute session – $150

3 pack – $140 per session

(must use within 6 months)

In home

90 minute session – $250

(Additional charges may apply for >10 miles of travel)


After my session, I felt relaxed, calm, focused and yet full of energy.  I had asked to let go of some of the anxiety I had about past relationships and as of now, I have a considerable reduction in those feelings. Excited to see what else can happen! ~Lorraine R.

I really enjoyed the Access Bars session — it was really relaxing.  I’m curious to see any changes that may unfold as the weeks go by, but one thing I noticed right away was that I felt more open toward others. For example, I tend to keep a lot of things to myself and not share a lot with others, even though I want to and know it would be beneficial to myself and my relationships. The evening after the session, I surprised myself by sharing something personal with my husband that I wasn’t necessarily planning to tell him, and it made me feel better to let him share some of that burden. I also found myself telling my sister about another current issue in my life that I wasn’t planning to share with anyone, but telling her about it made me feel so much better and she was able to help me put it into perspective and give me encouragement. I was surprised that this newfound facility to open up to others came right after the session. ~Erin G.

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