Monthly Playbook July 2017

The Monthly Playbook summarizes how scheduled and spontaneous play has enriched my life. A full and busy life can make finding time to play challenging. However, I have discovered that the more I play, the less stressed I feel.  My commitment to chronicle my experience playing each month will help me continue to prioritize play and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

Monthly Playbook July 2017

What a month! With two weeks of house guests in July, I definitely upped my play game.  There were boat rides, cook outs, dinners out, excursions and more.  I may need to dial back the fun a bit August.  Or at least make sure I have plenty of time to rest after the play time.

Scheduled Play

Pontoon Boat Rental: one of my goals for the Summer was to spend more time on the water.  Ever since I was a small child learning to sail, I have enjoyed disconnecting from what ever was happening on land and getting lost in the breeze.  Since I do not currently own a boat, I was thrilled when I stumbled across a rental company near me. It was super easy to rally my 4th of July house guests, some family and some friends for a day out on the water.  It was a super fun way to kick off Summer. There’s already talk of doing it again at the end of the season.monthly playbook july 2017

Reggae Showmusic is one of my regular go-to’s for play.  Listening to music is a routine part of my day.  I especially enjoy live shows and will watch any music documentary no matter the genre.  A legendary reggae group was scheduled to play near me.  I have never seen them and really wanted to go.  It felt like an immediate “yes” for me but I got caught up in debating the timing of the show (mid-week) and the logistics of attending (it would require a ferry ride and an overnight stay).  I am so glad I decided to purchase a ticket.  All the logistics worked out and the show was amazing.




Spontaneous Play

Lobster Roll Cruise:  I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years.  When I casually mentioned this excursion as an option to one set of my house guests, they were immediately interested.  I was super excited.  The boat was not too big and not too small. We enjoyed a cocktail before dinner on the upper deck and then went below deck for the meal. Everything was delicious–the food, the view, the company.  I hope to do this again soon!

monthly playbook july 2017

Lunch with “R”: My aunt and I typically schedule a summer lunch together.  Although, I can’t speak for her, I really enjoy the opportunity to catch up with her 1:1.  It occurred to me last Friday morning that we had yet to have our lunch. I texted her that morning and much to my delight, she was free.  I love it when an impromptu “plan” comes together. July has been such a full and busy month.  I was so grateful for a nice, long lunch with one of my favorite people.  The view was quite spectacular too.

monthly playbook july 2017







How did you play this month?

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