You’re the first one in the office and the last one out. When others stroll in “late” at 9 a.m. and leave “early” at 5 p.m. you think: “must be nice”.

You hear people talk about feeling rested after 8 hours of sleep and you think: “must be nice”.

When people brag about their regular workouts, date nights and vacations, you think: “must be nice”.

I’ve been there.

I used to be burnt out and stressed all the time, too. Responsibility and resentment was the fuel I used to justify settling for the stress of keeping it all together. As a natural overachiever and perfectionist, I was always going the extra mile and putting work and everyone else first. It turns out, that was the root of my problem.

Once I realized that no one cared how many hours I worked, how tired I was or how little I took care of myself, it was clear that the only person who was going to save me was me.  I just had to get out of my own way.

I learned how to go the extra mile for my own health and happiness and can show you how to do the same. As your de-stress coach, my no-nonsense support will help you stop making excuses and start taking control of your life.

My back to basics, judgment-free approach gets to core of what YOU need, not anyone else. Together, we’ll create a plan that works for your values, your body, and your life.

A happier, healthier life is waiting for you. Are you ready to choose it?

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