What would be possible for you if you had your very own health coach who visited your home to set you up for the successful realization of your health goals?

When I decided it was time to break free from a vicious cycle of burnout and stress, I knew I needed to make a lot of changes to my kitchen and home to support my commitment to a healthy lifestyle but I didn’t know where to start. Over time, without a blueprint to follow, I developed and implemented my own simple and sustainable systems. Now I am able to share the structure and support I wish I had with personalized services provided in your home.

Select from the choices below for a la carte support or build a custom package by bundling services together for a ½ or full day of personalized assistance.  Contact me for scheduling and pricing.

Pantry Purge (1-2 hours)
Prepare to get healthy with an overhaul and reorganization of your pantry and refrigerator. Together we will review labels and discuss healthy alternatives.

Grocery Store Tour (1-2 hours)
Trips to the grocery store can be effortless and easy. I’ll show you how to navigate the aisles with efficiency. You’ll no longer feel distraught while shopping or come home and wonder why you have nothing to eat. You’ll learn how to fill your cart with healthy foods while also getting the most bang for your buck.

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Kitchen Confidence (2+ hours)
Whether you’re a cooking novice or would like to learn new techniques to support the healthy changes you want to make, you’ll love this time devoted to making you comfortable and confident in the kitchen. Together we will take inventory of your tools and gadgets and discuss any additional basic equipment you may need. Together we will roll up our sleeves, tackle the basics of food prep and cook a delicious healthy meal for you to enjoy. You will be responsible for the cost of any groceries provided.

Bars Session (90 mins)
Unlock the limiting energy in your life with a hands-on session that will help you get unstuck and open up to new possibilities.  Learn more about Bars and view my packages.

Successful Sleep (1-2 hours)
Discuss your pre-sleep routine and optimize your bedroom for successful slumber. Can include a Reiki or Bars Session for optimal relaxation.

Contact me for scheduling and pricing.


Looking for a comprehensive, holistic plan?  See what else is possible for a healthy life and healthy mind.

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