Grateful, Healthy Clients

“Working with Alice’s coaching helped me not only develop more awareness but also educated me on the implications that my increasingly stressful lifestyle was having on my overall health and wellness. Alice was  able to help me pause and reflect on my priorities, which can be extremely difficult when you feel like life is zooming by so fast and you’re barely able to hang on for the ride, let alone enjoy it!

“Ultimately I decided to take a break from my fast-paced and rewarding sales career to focus on myself and my family. A year later, I have a hybrid role as mom and part-time sales exec and I’ve never felt better!

“I’m healthier, happier and most importantly, I have tons of energy to keep up with my two boys!

“Thank you, Alice, for being a trusted confidante, a knowledgeable source of support and a friend through it all!”

— Gretchen T., Walnut Creek, CA

“I’m someone who has always been active and enjoyed working out. I wasn’t seeing any results from going to the gym 4 to 5 days a week and I was confused as to why I wasn’t losing any weight.

“Working with Alice opened my eyes to how important food and nutrition truly are. Alice helped me realize that you can’t out exercise a bad diet and that food has the biggest impact to our overall health.

“With the knowledge I’ve learned regarding nutrition, I’ve successfully lost 25 pounds and maintained it.

“I’ve got more energy, feel great and have a completely different outlook on food and nutrition now.

“Thank you for your support and teaching me the tools to achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle.”

— Mary C., Watertown, MA

Discover how a healthy life, healthy home or healthy mind can be possible for you.


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