Speak Your Truth

Have you noticed that having something on your mind can be exhausting?  All that processing and analyzing drains precious resources.  Speak your truth to let go of what’s on your mind and shift the energy.  When you speak your truth, thoughts in the mind and emotions in the heart are released and rebalanced.

Speak Your Truth

Finding and using your voice is not an invitation to recklessly share everything on your mind or in your heart.  It is important to be appropriate with expression.  Choosing the right time, place and person with whom to speak your truth is vital. Brevity is best. If you are not able to use a calm, confident tone, it may be a good idea to pause and wait.  Notice the difference when speaking about pain (or hurt) instead of from it.  Conversations that are emotionally charged will not necessarily provide a release.  Speak your truth with compassion.  Not everything has to be said.

In situations where it can be challenging to verbally speak your truth, there are alternatives.  Writing in a journal, walking outside (near the water or under a big sky), or visualizing speaking your truth are all helpful.  Electronic communication–text, email and social media–is not recommended as it disrupts human interaction and displaces the healing power of live conversations.

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